Videography Preview

Today I am going to review some important tips I have learned about videography.

First, I would like to review the five shot sequence (mostly for my benefit), which is one of the most IMPORTANT things to be conscious of when filming.

Shot 1: Extreme Close Up (i.e. hands on football)

Shot 2: Close up (i.e headshot of football player with helmet)

Shot 3: Medium Shot (i.e catching ball)

Shot 4: Over-shoulder view (i.e POV of receiver being thrown too)

Shot 5: Different angel (low-wide of the receiver running)

It is also important to note that these can be placed in a different order, but it is important to include all of them in some shape or form. My professor taught us the “visual cha cha” to help remember each of these. What is the visual cha cha, you ask? Well, he made us stand up and literally do the cha cha: wide shot, med shot, tight (cha), tight (cha), tight (cha).

We also learned about different types of sequences. After reading this you will never be able to watch TV the same. Well, at least I can’t because all I notice are the different sequences used or how shots change from one to another. The four basic sequences are:

Action-Reaction: Camera focuses on something, shot changes to the reaction of that something

Action-Cutaway-Action: Camera focuses on an action, shot changes to someone else, shot changes back to the action.

Match-On-Action: Camera films an action, shot changes to the same actions but from a different angle.

Montage: A series of related clips that are both together into a sequence to give the viewer a general impression of the story details.

When filming, some general tips to remember are:

-hold each shot for a minimum of 10 seconds

-don’t move the camera without motivation (following someone)

-only use pans to show environment, but try not to use them

-shoot from variety of depths

-white balance every time you change light conditions

-be conscious of your subjects positioning

Eventually, I will be putting all of these tips and skills sets in action soon!


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