iPhone Saves the Day

So last Friday I got the chance to interview country artist Maggie Rose for MUTV’s E23. Little did I know that the battery I grabbed from the “fully charged” slot had 4 minutes left. Luckily, I had a grip tight on me that I borrowed from my final project partner and was able to use my phone to record the interview. The grip tight allows you to mount your phone to a tripod. This isn’t the first time I have had to use my phone during a celebrity interview. Back in freshman year, the exec for MUTV at the time forgot to give me a battery and I had to use my iPhone for my interview with Tech N9ne, which by the way now has over 8,000 views on YouTube. You can definitely tell my video and interview skills have improved from the two different interviews, which are below. 

My partner that helped me with the Maggie Rose interview was very skeptical about using my phone for the interview. Thanks to this class I was able to convince her it would be okay. There were definitely pros and cons to using the iPhone. By the time the interview was done and the concert started at only 20% battery left. I was very lucky to go into the interview with a fully charged phone. I was also only permitted to record the first 60 seconds of the first two songs. I was worried about how the footage would turn out being in a dark place. It turned out fine as you can see, but I was not able to make any sequences or getting any up close footage. We were also very lucky to have a well lit and quiet room to do the interview, since I was using the native mic. 

Another really cool thing about the interview was that Maggie’s tour manger pre-approved my questions and told me “I’ve been doing this for a long time and out of a 10, I give you a 9.” The questions I asked definitely earned me the respect from both the tour manager and Maggie and also gave way to some very interesting and in-depth responses. The tour manger used to work for Jason Aldean and is now touring with Maggie to help promote her for the same pay (which is not cheap). They see a lot of potential in her and I agree, that girl can sing. 

It was an awesome night to say the least, plus I got VIP tickets and free roasted chicken and potatoes backstage! 

Check out my portfolio tab if you want to see other celebrity interviews I have been a part of. Here is my interview with Maggie and my previous Tech N9ne interview:


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