Audio Slideshow

Up next you ask? Audio Slideshows!

An audio slideshow is a simple form of multimedia storytelling. Further, it offers a symbiotic relationship between audio and photos. Instead of using video, an audio slideshow uses multiple photos to help convey an audio message. This is where visual referencing comes in to play. Your photos have to agree, or match up, with what you are hearing for your audio slideshow to make sense to the viewer. Photos should stay on the screen for roughly five seconds each. Your photos should also include a variety of different shots, such as wide shots, tight shots, and a portrait if it is relevant. 

For this assignment we are still using Voddio. Oh the joy of Voddio. There are a few downfalls to this app that I would like to mention: 1) it likes to crash & 2) it doesn’t allow you to move your tracks around easily. 

Other than that, the app is fairly user friendly. It takes a lot of tedious work, but no matter what program or app you choose to create an audio clip, or audio slideshow, it will be time consuming and monotonous. Also, despite crashing, the app has not lost any of my work (knock on wood). Here is a tip: if you want to speed up the editing process take some extra time to plan how you want to lay out your story before you bring your files into your project. 

All in all, using mobile devices sure beats caring around big, bulky camera bags and recording devices. Maybe I am bias towards Apple, but I will take these limitations for the easy accessibility! 

Stay tuned for my audio slideshow to be posted soon. 


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