Welcome to J2150!

Well, it’s time to get back into the swing of things! Especially after having an incredible winter break from school. I got to spend my break interning at KMBC 9 News and then ended it with a relaxing trip to Mexico. In between all that, however, I took an online class. No regrets, because its one less worry for me! Anyways… you could say I kept myself pretty busy.

But, I’m glad to be back because I think I have to be taking one of the coolest classes at Mizzou yet: Journalism 2150 a.k.a. Multimedia Journalism. This isn’t just any class though. I happen to be one of thirteen students who, after applying, got accepted to take a new experimental lab. In this lab we will be learning the iOS (Apple) platform. Journalism is continually taking on new forms thanks to the growing technology. So this class is intended to teach me useful skills that hopefully align with where journalism is headed. Those skills include: 

-How to do everything on a single platform

-How to use your phone to take award-winning photography

-How to find interesting sound everywhere

-How to tell stories on the Web in new and interesting ways

-How to tweet and blog with authority

-How to make GIFS and use them to illustrate news stories

With that being said, I will be blogging about this class in the coming weeks along with various other things. So get excited, because I am! 


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