Add Color To Your Life

Why, you ask? Because it could add years to your life! Scientists across the country have discovered several health benefits associated with the natural pigments that make fruits and vegetables so colorful. Who knew eating bright colored foods would help protect your body from common diseases and illnesses as you age.  Below are a few of those discoveries.


The color red reduces the risk of several diseases including heart disease, prostate cancer, and other types of cancer.


The color yellow will protect you against macular degeneration, the number-one cause of blindness in the elderly.


Eating orange foods will lower your cholesterol aiding in the prevention of heart disease. The color orange also helps reduce the risk of stroke.


Adding a simple green salad at dinner will help prevent cancer.


The color blue will help protect your memory and motor functions as you age.


Finally, protect your heart by adding purple to your diet! The color purple also helps prevent heart disease.


Need ideas? This link has got you covered. It has a list of food suggestions for every color group!



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